One Organic Tweet = 4 Million Impressions 

stand out from the crowd 

BR set out to make Hostess more socially relevant and to age down the brand’s traditional audience using social marketing.

Grocery Moms already had Hostess top of mind. We wanted to go after the Millennial males. But how appeal to the C-Store Dude without alienating the ever-loyal mom base? BR built a social persona that appealed to both audiences. By creating Jimmy Fallon-esque tone, BR gave Hostess a culturally relevant voice and join totally new conversations. 


Owning the Day

Pushing the boundary and walking the line between sarcasm and playfulness is where BR hit its stride. BR stretched Hostess’ definition of appropriate—understanding irreverence breaks through the clutter of social.

The TOUCHDOWN post from MLB’s opening day is a prime example of how BR took this new voice and put Hostess at the forefront of national conversations. The tweet was posted organically on opening day. It exploded.

Throughout the day, the Hostess tweet—crafted and published by BR—was picked up by national media outlets including ESPN, ABC News and Adweek. The next morning the tweet was featured on the Today Show, and Good Morning America called it the second most engaging tweet of Opening Day. Second to only the MLB itself. The tweet garnered 3.8MM impressions and put Hostess and its new voice on the national radar as a brand to watch on social.




2. ABC



  • Touchdown post 100% organic resulted in 3.8 M impressions

  •  Put Hostess on national radar as brand to watch on social